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Counter-Strike 1.6 Global Offensive Edition

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1 Counter-Strike 1.6 Global Offensive Edition on Sat Oct 01, 2016 6:39 pm


[size=40]Counter-Strike 1.6 Global Offensive Edition[/size]
This edition has based its design on CS:GO. Radio, hostage models, hands and weapons models, sounds, sprites, hud - all of them are made look identical to Global Offensive ones. That is your chance to download CS 1.6 which will take you into complete CS:GO atmosphere. 

Powerfull protection from malicious scripts and files will make it safe to play without a fear of an admin damaging it or being injected with Autoconnect or a GameMenu hack. Download CS 1.6 at this page to avoid getting any viruses.


New player models 
New hostage models 
New hands and weapon models 
New sounds 
15 new sprays 
GUI and HUD from CS:GO 
Bots (Controls: "H") 
Garanteed to run on Windows 10 and earlier versions 
48 proto 
100% Anti-Hacking protection 
Unlimited download speed 
Fast installation (less than a minute)

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Play the world’s number 1 online action game. Engage in an incredibly realistic brand of terrorist warfare in this wildly popular team-based game. Ally with teammates to complete strategic missions. Take out enemy sites. Rescue hostages. Your role affects your team’s success. Your team’s success affects your role.

– Release date November 18, 2013
– Only 256MB setup size
– 100% clean rip from Steam GCFs (Game cache files)
– Includes latest CS 1.6 bots
– Half-Life Single/Multiplayer is also included
– Dual Protocol (48 + 47) Client
– Client can join P47 as well as P48 servers
– Dual Protocol (48 + 47) Dedicated Server is also included
– Working Dedicated and Listen server (Steam and non-Steam)
– Working server browser with Internet, Favorite and LAN tabs
– Full protection against all types of slow hacking servers
– Compatible with latest sXe Injected anticheat
– Include latest Metamod-P v1.21p37
– Include latest AMX Mod X v1.8.2 (disabled by default)
– HLTV is also included and works
– Engine version ( build 4554)
– Playable on Internet and LAN
– Can be used as Portable
– In game ads are removed

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Counter-Strike 1.6 works with Windows 10


  • Latest release of the game, V43, Build 4554.

  • Using latest protocol 48

  • Using REVOLUTiON Emulator 9.81

  • Sv_lan 0 enforce fixed

  • Added option to launch listen server in LAN mode

  • Included more Bots in this release

  • Half-Life maps are totally removed

  • HLTV included and works

  • Works with Windows XP/7/8.1/10

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